Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tutus for Noah and Charlotte

Sara has been through a lot in the past year. She found out her Sweet baby Charlotte has a rare cancer called retinoblastoma. It is cancer in the eye. They decided the best treatment would be to have Charlotte's eye removed. Soon after they found out that Noah has cancer in his eyes too, but thankfully the tumors are treatable with chemotherapy. You can read the story here.

No family should have this burden on them. Sara is working hard to be a mom, wife, business owner, and on top of it all she is also going to nursing school.

I would like to help Sara's family. I'm sure the emotional and physical burden has been difficult enough not to mention the financial burden that comes along with medical and travel expenses incurred along the way.

Here is Sara's facebook page which has a link to her store she has on Artfire. Please if you have anyone on your gift list for Christmas buy some things from her store.

I want to do something for her family so my tutu instructions for a layer tutu and for a Pixie tutu are up for sale until December 31st at 1/2 price. The code is 50INTRO. You can receive the instructions in pdf or word format. Here is the listing on my website.

Picture of Zebra Diva tutu provided by Like A Fox Photography. Thank you, Sara Abrams.

I will also be adding blogs about other friends of Sara who are trying to help her out.

Mama's Little Monkeys has a charity section in her Artfire store to help out Sara. Please check out her store if you are looking for quality children's boutique items as gifts.

I need to learn how to add pictures on my blog in order to do more pictures. Sorry I am not able to show more with pictures.

Thanks for reading. Please bless Sara's family this Christmas. Thank you :)