Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer is flitting, fleeting and as always I am caught off guard for the busyness autumn brings to life. School begins the day early and our schedule isn't quite there yet. We are hurried and flustered and grumpy too.

So now that school is started I've had some extra time to create some new wonderful fall items. I've started with some costumes of course with the coming active season. The three I'm showing here are a cupcake, a pumpkin princess, and my favorite inspired by Minnie Mouse. I hope to have a few more to add tomorrow as well!

The cupcake costume is inspired by the shirt I bought at GAP that says "lil then a cute cupcake applique! I love this shirt and had to make a cute cupcake tutu, hairbow, and legwarmers to match. The tutu is a two layer style of brown tulle with little pompom sprinkles sewn on the layers. The top layer is icy pink glimmer tulle frosting. I love how this one turned out! The bow is a huge boutique stacked butterfly style with cupcake ribbon,

shocking pink, pink, and turquoise. The legwarmers are super
cute pink and brown stripe. I can recreate this exact set or I could also make the tutu in different colors or with sequins as the sprinkles instead of pompoms as sprinkles.

The Pumpkin Princess costume started with the super cute pumpkin ribbon I purchased from Hobby Lobby. The bow is huge 6 inch boutique stacked bow with the black and orange pumpkin ribbon, orange polka dot, black, and orange ribbon. The tutu is just a basic orange with an orange sewn satin waistband. The legwarmers are super cute orange and black stripe with little black and white polka dot bows. My favorite part of this set is the rhinestone shirt! The black puff sleeve tee is a soft tee from Old Navy with a super cute rhinestone saying "Lil Pumpkin" The rhinestone transfer was made for me by JewelTagz. I love it love it!! This is a OOAK as I'm not sure if I'll be able to duplicate the legwarmers. This set would fit a 3 yr old perfect. My daughter wears 4 or 5 and the tutu waist was a bit snug on her and she has a pretty thin waistline.

Finally the set Magpie was just dying to try on today. The set inspired by the famous Minnie Mouse. The tutu is very intricately designed red tulle with white satin polka dots all over and a sewn black satin waistband with a bow! The ears are beautifully crocheted in to the classic mouse club style and set on a black satin headband. The headband is finished with a three inch version of Minnie's signature red and white polka dot bow! We paired the set with a basic black leotard. I am working on some ears that are on clippies and would be so cute with pigtails! I could also make some black legwarmers to match the set. I can redo this set in any size you need for your little princess.

I hope to add more to this in the next few days. Please check back again for more exciting creations from Maggie's Rose Garden.


DeviantPersona said...

Those are such cute costumes!

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novemberheart said...

I love these! If I had girls, I would always dress them in this stuff!! You are very talented, and I'm happy to see your business expanding! Way to go, girl!!

Catherine said...

how do i place an order with you? my email address is