Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrate Summer Vacation Handmade Boutique Auction

This weekend Maggie's Rose Garden is taking part in a handmade boutique auction with several other boutiques from around Facebook and Etsy to celebrate summer! The auction has a variety of pretty things for newborns on up to adults. We have included several headbands and a 4th of July tutu dress in the auction. The auction runs from May 31st through June 4th at noon Eastern time. Please be sure to check out the album for the auction, and read the album details with information on how to bid. Each item says how much the bidding starts out at and how much the bids need to be increased. Please also like the boutiques in the auction to stay up to date with our newest designs. 

Take a look at some of the beautiful auction items up for grabs

This sunny yellow singed flower with bling rhinestone center is on a yellow stretchy lace headband.  by the host of the auction, Aubrey Anna's Boutique. Her headbands are made of so many lovely layers with a vintage and modern feel perfect for summer portraits.

Bidding starts at $11 for this item

The next item I want to feature is a sweet summer cherry necklace perfect for any princess occasion. These chunky bead necklaces are not only so popular right now, but also super adorable! Check out the Facebook page Balloons Fashion for fabulous necklaces and more.
Bidding for this item starts at $7

No summer is complete without a trip to the zoo, and the next item a Goin' Bananas Boutique Layered Bow is the perfect compliment to any little zoo monkey. Be sure to stop by KaKa's Bloomin Creations.
Bidding for this item starts at $5
One of the first signs of summer is when the sunshine and rain create a palette of beautiful colors across the landscape. Magic with Ribbon has so many little pretties to celebrate the arrival of all the rainbow of colors. The sweet little ribbon art clip pair is a perfect finishing touch to celebrate summer with purple flowers.
Purple Flower Clip Set $2.75 for starting bid

For a middle of summer treat check out the Americana headband from  Maggie's Rose Garden Boutique. The headband is a festive fancy headband to celebrate July 4th. The headband is a red chiffon ballerina flower layered under a royal ballerina flower with a flag print bow and rhinestone bling center on a white soft elastic headband. Perfect for the Fourth of July parade or other special patriotic occasion.
Bidding for this items starts at $2.99

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

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